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We only grow the best varieties of bamboo in South Florida!

Welcome to Biscayne Bamboo located in North Miami. My name is Rexx Fischer and I have grown fine tropical clumping bamboo for thirty years. I built this small business to share my love of bamboo and help others discover the magic of these wonderful plants. I enjoy giving everyone my best professional advice when choosing what variety of bamboo will be most suitable for them and whatever their particular situation may be. Ultimately, it is my wish that you will also discover the magic of bamboo. 

At Biscayne Bamboo all customers receive detailed instructions on how to plant, water, feed, and take care of their bamboo and I am always available for help or questions. Please call or text if you have any questions or would like to make an appointment. 

We also make custom hand-made ceramics!

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Biscayne Bamboo